Our Services


Hauffe & Kämper delivers not only cast iron, steel and stainless steel but also forged materials from smaller weights to 35 to for individual and special constructions. You may find further information on the materials we offer under the tab “materials”.

Mechanical Processing

Through our subsidiary – Brauer Fertigungstechnik GmbH – Hauffe & Kämper has the possibility to assemble complex work pieces pre-finished as commissioning or individual contract manufacture.


However, Brauer Fluid-Technik GmbH, concentrates on the construction and repair of hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders, machine parts in general and the installation of complete machinery.

ADI Tempering

With the support of our affiliated company ADI Technik GmbH we are able to deliver standardised ADI-materials, according to EN 1565. This is referring to specially alloyed spheroidal graphite iron. Through specific subsequent tempering, the iron gains exceptional mechanical characteristics such as high resistance at simultaneously good elongation as well as toughness and excellent wear properties. Further information can be found on the website www.aditreatments.com or else you can contact Mr. Doerkes at doerkes@aditechnik.de.